General services

Hang pictures
Hang mirrors
Hang curtains
Fit curtain poles/rails
Fit blinds
Fit shower screens
Fit bath screens
Fit locks
Fit hinges

Fit handles
Replace warped and swollen doors
Fit stair gates
Fit childproofing products
Assemble boxed furniture
Fit laminate flooring
Moving heavy awkward furniture
Boxing in pipe work
Tidy cables

Expanded ceilings
Fit new doors
Installing new shading nets
Fit LCD / Plasma TV bracket
Fit shelves
Fit sliding doors
Repair sliding doors
Management of garage spacee

Décor Services

Painting walls
Painting woodwork
Painting ceilings
Painting exteriors
Tiling work
Wall paper removal
Wall paper applications
Repair cracks & holes in plaster

Steel works

Security gates
Automation & Sliding gates
Burglar bars
Steel palisades
Staircase balustrades
Steel carports
Automation gates
Steel structures
Storage shelf’s

Outside Services

Laying of Paving
Precast walling
Boundary walls
Flower boxes
Install and clean gutters
Water proofing of walls and roof
Irrigation systems (Plan and install)
Carport shading nets (Replace)
Pool maintenance services (Cleaning and painting)

Building services

Brick laying
Plaster work
Wall chasing
Concrete slabs
Dry walling
Reinforce flooring
New developments

Plumbing services

Replace taps
Repair leaking taps
Replace faulty ball valves
Replace cracked tiles
Reseal baths, showers and sinks
Repair faulty toilet flushes
Replacing toilet seats
Connect washing machines
Connect dishwashers
Installing new taps
Laying down new pipes

Carpenter services

Fit cupboard
Wooden palisades
Wooden staircase balustrades
Patio decks (Wooden)